Thursday, August 27, 2015

How To Price Your Artwork

I am often asked how I price my paintings. First I will tell you how you should price a 2 dimensional piece of art. The usual (ideal) formula is to set a price per square inch. Add your cost for materials and the hourly compensation you feel you deserve for the actual hours spent creating your art. This should be your basic rate. Now do a reality check. Can you really command your price? You may find the price you determined is far above or below the average for similar work in your market. In that case you must scale up or down to compete with other artists in your area. Don't vastly under price your work. If the price is too low, some buyers under value your work. It's strange I know but that can hurt your sales. Understand if you are virtually unknown you probably won't get as much money as a better established artist. Even if your work is just as good you should expect to sell your work for less. Make a name for yourself and then you'll get the big bucks. This takes some time and marketing.

Now, lets complicate things a bit. Do you really want to sell the work? If not, feel free to inflate the price of those paintings you can't bear to part with, at least until you feel better about letting them go. Someone once asked me how much I wanted for a small picture of geraniums in terracotta pots. It was an 11 inch X 14 inch oil painting. I just loved it and really didn't want to sell so I hadn't set a price for it. I told the lady a price off the top of my head of $450. That seemed a little high for a little painting so I fully expected her to say it was too much. Instead, with no hesitation whatsoever she asked “Will you take a check?” Must have under priced that one. The money was a nice consolation and I went on to paint a larger painting that was similar. They eventually became a series so I don't miss the first one so much.

Some of my artworks have much more time and effort in their making. Of course, I charge more for those. I finish knife paintings much faster than the pictures that I paint with transparent glazes. I price them lower even though they are lovely and painted with skill. When pricing your work, consider all these factors and do your homework. Check out other artists in your area. Are they similar to yours? What sort of prices do your competitors ask for work of a similar skill. Get the opinions of artist's you trust. Consider your venue. Gallery or art show? A gallery will take a percentage of your sale. Don't undercut your gallery when you sell from your studio or at an art or craft show.

I hope this clears up at least some of the confusion. The bottom line however, is this. Charge what the buyer will pay and a price you are comfortable with. A little experience and these guidelines should help. Happy painting!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still reading!

I just can't seem to get any painting or writing done lately. Too many books, too little time. My students however are doing wonderful work. When I get the photos edited I will post them in the "Student Art" section of this blog. In other news I hope to schedule a workshop in July. I will let you know when in the next few days. Then we will all get some work done.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What I do when I am not painting...

I just finished reading the epilogue of a wonderful story titled "Sweep in Peace" from Ilona Andrews. The authors (Ilona and Gordon) have been posting this story on their website as they write it. I am not the most patient reader so waiting eagerly, and sometimes anxiously, for the next installment was difficult for me. It was oh, so worth the wait. If you are looking for a good read check out all their books. There are more free reads at the website. You can try before you buy to see if you like their type of writing. If you find you love Ilona Andrew's stories as much as I do you can buy the books in at last 3 series in most bookstores. The books are also available for Kindle and Nook. I'll be eagerly watching for "Sweep in Peace" and the latest in the Kate Daniels series "Magic Shifts" which is scheduled for release August 4th, 2015.

Click here to read "Sweep in Peace"

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Article in The Daily Times

Last week one of my Maryville classes had a visit from Reporter Melanie Tucker and Photographer Mark Large of The Daily Times. Ms. Tucker wrote a lovely article that appeared in the Monday June 1st issue. Everyone had a great time. We all got interviewed and photographed  for the paper. You can read the piece at the following link:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Classes in Knoxville

I am now teaching a night time class at the Hobby Lobby in the Turkey Creek Shopping Complex. We meet at 6 PM on Monday nights. I am also offering a Saturday class at 11 AM every other Saturday. This month's lessons are on the following dates: May 9th and May 23rd. In June, we meet on June 6th and June 20th. Please call with any questions you have or to register for these classes. (865)765-5479

Here is a photo one of my newer paintings. This was a one day workshop held at Turkey Creek back in January and repeated in February. We will rerun this workshop for the Maryville classes at some point. This was a new background technique that is easier than it looks and is just plain fun. I plan to redesign this as a summer class. The same technique can be used for any season with a few changes. I will post an upcoming workshop schedule soon.