Ask anything in comments. I'll Post your questions here.

Q: Do you do commission work. Will you paint a picture of my child, dog, home etc?
A: Absolutely! I can and will paint almost anything. Call me at (865) 236-4959 or email me at MoonDreamerDi@yahoo.com to request details.

Q: I need a class at a time or location other than you have presently scheduled. Can you do that?
A: It's possible. Contact me with your needs. I'll fill them if and when I can.

Q: Will you give a talk or demonstration for my group meeting?
A: Yes, call me. My number is (865) 236-4959.

Q: Do you paint murals?
A: Yes. Yes I do.

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Unknown said...

I'm interested in Painting classes in Maryville or Turkey Creek. Maryville is closer and wanted to know the class times, length and prices. I couldn't find that on your page. Also, would need a list of supplies I would need...
Thank you,