Monday, April 21, 2008

The Ideal Paint Box

First you’ll need something to carry all your supplies. I suggest a tool or tackle box. The same companies that make them also make boxes designed specifically for paints or other craft supplies but you may find you like a toolbox from the hardware store better. I started with a small toolbox that I picked up at Walmart. My oil painting kit kept outgrowing me so I eventually upgraded to a large toolbox on wheels by Black & Decker. Expect to pay about $30 or $40 for one like mine. It’s big enough to carry all my oils, mediums, brushes and easel. It’s very strong and can double as a seat or table when I’m out in the field.
Below is a list of things you should pack in that nice new paint box of yours. You should have a different kit for each different medium you use. Make sure to keep your oils, watercolors, and acrylics separate. Remember oil and water don’t mix.

1. Paints in all your basic colors
2. Bottle of water or solvent
3. Painting knives
4. Paper towels
5. Palette
6. Brushes
7. Mediums (oils, liquin, gels etc.)
8. Smock or apron
9. Pliers for those hard to open paint tubes
10. Container to wash brushes
11. Small easel if your toolbox is large enough
12. Sponges (In several different textures)
13. Tube keys (These gadgets get all the paint out of your tubes)
14. Hair styling gel (See the article on cleaning brushes)
15. Small bottle of alcohol (Acrylic paint box only)
16. Small squeeze bottle of liquid soap
17. Craft knife

That’s a great start but you’ll probably find tools and supplies you can’t do without to add to the list.

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