Friday, March 20, 2009

Care and Hanging of Artwork

To transport, put your painting in a plastic bag, then wrap with padding for protection. Use towels, blankets, bubble wrap or other padding. Wrap the artwork in plastic first because lint and fibers from fabric may stick to the varnish.

Do not place anything on the surface of your painting. You may mar the surface or the weight can cause it to warp.

A hot car is a dangerous place for your finished artwork. Avoid leaving it in the heat of either the passenger compartment or the trunk. Varnish can blister.

Paintings on canvas are vulnerable to denting, stretching or tearing. Never lean them against a table corner or any other sharp object.

Never display paintings (any media) in direct sunlight. Colors may fade and art under glass may overheat.

Do not hang your art over or too close to a heat source. This includes radiators, vents and fireplaces. Heat, smoke and ashes can damage your artwork.

Damp or cold locations can also be harmful. Think twice before you hang your work in bathrooms, kitchens and porches.

Don’t put water on the surface of any finished painting.

Do not touch the surface. Oils and acids from your fingers can cause damage or be difficult to remove.

Dust, if necessary, with a clean, dry, soft brush or lint free cloth.

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