Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here are some more of my paintings. Some are new, some not so new, but all are pieces I enjoyed creating. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed painting them. The first three are from workshops I conducted. I finished all of them this year but the workshops spanned two years. I seldom finish a painting during a workshop since I am very busy helping my students with their work.

I call this one "Cliff's Edge". It is an 11" X 14" oil on canvas. I did this and the next two works with knives. My knife painting workshops are always popular. One of the things I like about painting with knives is that it helps me to loosen up. While I can paint quite realistically this way it prevents me from getting bogged down in the details. I love detail but now and then it's good to let go and paint bold and free.

This one is called "Sunlit Window". It's a 16" X 20" oil painting on canvas. The students had a lot of fun with this subject and their work was amazing. Every picture turned out beautiful and so different. You can order cards and prints by clicking here.

"Mountain Flower's" - 16" X 20" oil on canvas. My student, Anna sold her painting from this workshop. We all had fun painting these. All three of my knife workshop paintings are hanging at Gallery 133 as is the following picture. They are for sale and prints are available.

"Bridge" - 12" X 20" oil on masonite panel. This is an older piece completed over several years. I drew it out and set it aside until I needed to do a demonstration painting at a gallery where I was displaying my work. That was two or three years later. I've found that if I don't draw out a picture onto a canvas or board right away the painting often never happens. I started painting this for the demo and didn't finish until a few years later when I needed new work for a show. It's a lot quicker to finish a painting that's already started if I need new work in a hurry. This is one I painted out of my head so it isn't as realistic as what I usually do. I paint much better now too. I still like this one though.